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GreaterCapital is looking for a Consultant

GreaterCapital seeks to appoint a Consultant to join our team in Cape Town. The successful candidate will be responsible for negotiating and managing client relationships so that they translate into revenues for the business, and managing the delivery of client commitments.


2015 NPO Job Losses and Service Cuts survey

The 2015 Job Losses and Service Cuts survey has offered some useful insight into the state of the South African NPO sector in the wake of the serious funding challenges of the last few years. While the funding environment still appears to represent a critical threat for the NPO sector, the survey findings suggest that the funding situation and the sector’s response has stabilised in some key areas. Encouragingly, organisations have illustrated that they are learning to adapt and respond to challenges.


NPO Funding, Job and Service Cuts Survey 2013

NPO Funding Cuts Survey 2013

In the follow-up to the 2012 NPO Job Losses and Service Cuts survey, fewer organisations report funding cuts (54%) and the scale of the cuts has reduced but the overall funding environment and financial position of NPOs does not appear to be significantly better.


Guide to Finance

A Guide to Finance for Social Enterprises

The Guide to Finance for Social Enterprises in South Africa is a practical guide to the sometimes-confusing world of social finance and impact investing. It includes detailed case studies, links and a host of useful information and was developed in collaboration with the ILO as part of a series of publications that seek to promote social economy enterprise development in South Africa.