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World Design Capital

Hout Bay residents are planning their own ‘yellow brick road’ to bring communities together and create a new set of opportunities for the area. Bay Walk is a yellow pathway connecting the three historically divided communities of Hout Bay.


Community safety

Community Safety Analysis

Consultants at GreaterCapital are preparing a final report on the audits and analysis of primary research and available statistical data across three communities in Mozambique to inform the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA)’s community safety programme.


USAID and PEPFAR project

Communications Materials

The GreaterCapital Strategic Communications team recently spent a week with USAID Southern Africa in Pretoria, conducting an inventory and analysis of the Health Unit’s communications materials to make recommendations for updating existing materials and developing new ones, with a particular focus on gender.


Skills training and job creation

Analysis for National Treasury

GreaterCapital is conducting a comparative analysis of Jobs Fund-supported Work Seekers projects. We are looking at a total of 16 projects across private, non profit and the public sector.


Education Grant Management

SED Grant Management

Looking for suitable projects for your CSI budget before the financial year-end? Select an organisation and make your grant today to get immediate tax and SED certification, as well as the comfort of knowing that the funds will be managed responsibly and effectively.