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Reserves & Endowments Seminar in Joburg

The successful Reserves & Endowments seminar is coming to Johannesburg on 19th May. Organisation leaders and financial decision-makers are invited to join Sophie Hobbs from GreaterGood SA and Alan Wellburn from Citadel Wealth for an investment-focussed discussion on how to build and invest reserves, in a straight-forward, jargon-free forum.



Towards a new NPO Act

The fifth draft of the Draft NPO Policy Framework on the Amendments of the Nonprofit Organisations Act 71 of 1997 was issued to NPOs ahead of a consultative meeting in Johannesburg at the end of March. The Nonprofit Organisations Directorate has clearly taken pains to address the concerns of civil society with this version of the framework, which recognises the valuable contribution and role of NPOs in building South Africa’s economy.


Investing for the future

A well-managed reserve fund is a vital component of any organisation’s sustainability strategy. Reserves provide a safety net to carry organisations through the lean times but they also, crucially, offer the breathing space to enable meaningful collaboration, planning and growth so that organisations deliver the best, most transformative solutions to South Africa’s challenges. Alan Wellburn from Citadel Wealth Management explains.


World Design Capital

Hout Bay residents are planning their own ‘yellow brick road’ to bring communities together and create a new set of opportunities for the area. Bay Walk is a yellow pathway connecting the three historically divided communities of Hout Bay.


Education Grant Management

SED Grant Management

Looking for suitable projects for your CSI budget before the financial year-end? Select an organisation and make your grant today to get immediate tax and SED certification, as well as the comfort of knowing that the funds will be managed responsibly and effectively.