APSocialFinance: A resource worth knowing about

The understanding and practice of impact investing are improving rapidly. Keeping a finger on the pulse of this ever-evolving sector is something that Aunnie Patton – Social Finance Fellow at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business – does exceptionally well through her blog APSocialFinance.com.

APSocialFinance is a collection of resources, thoughts, and ideas about the Social Investment Market.

In addition to her blog, Aunnie curates articles under the following categories:

Her site also features a useful section titled “Social Finance 101” for those interested in the topic but new to the conversation.

Aunnie says: “I started APSocialFinance in 2012 as a resource for my students and others that were interested in the field of Impact Investing / Social Investment / Social Finance.  There really weren’t any comprehensive collections of literature available to direct them towards to dive deeper into the subject matter and explore.

“I also included sections on my own writing (which I’ve been too busy to update recently….  I need to get back to it) as a way to highlight specific resources and my own experiences in the space,” she adds.

Aunnie is the co-founder of Insight Capital Partners, a Dean’s Fellow at Oxford’s Saïd Business School, and Social Finance Fellow at the University of Cape Town’s Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In other words, she lectures, researches, writes, leads projects, consults (and pretty much lives) Social Finance.

You can follow her on Twitter @Aunnie to make sure that you don’t miss a blog post or the publication of a new resource.

Do you know of any other useful resources for impact investing? Please let us know via Twitter @GreaterCapital.

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