Think like a social enterprise

ebookSocial enterprises are getting increasing attention in South Africa – government has recognized their value and is developing policies to support them and various universities have developed social enterprise programmes. The star of social enterprises is clearly on the rise. In an accessible and jargon-free e-book, Marcus Coetzee gives his top 10 ways to think like a successful social enterprise, using case studies (GreaterCapital features at number six) to demonstrate each point. 

“I have been a big advocate of social enterprises since I heard of them 14 years ago, and believe that there is much we can learn from them. This e-book presents 10 key insights I’ve discovered through working with social enterprises and studying how they do business.” Says Marcus.

Recognizing that social enterprise business models may not be appropriate to many non-profit organizations, he says: “I do however strongly believe that we can all learn about how successful social enterprises operate, and believe that these principles can be applied regardless of business model or sector or legal entity or size or stage of development.”


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