Started in 2005, Greater Capital, is part of the AMSCO Group, and is a social enterprise providing strategic social investment and impact advisory services to civil society organisations, corporates, development agencies, social businesses and impact investors. The team has many years of combined development and corporate experience that enables a powerful developmental focus, supported by a pragmatic business perspective, culminating in high-impact solutions for our clients. As a result, the team has developed a deep understanding of the developmental needs and aspirations of communities, the government, international development partners, private sector, and investors. This enables the organisation to merge a sustainable development focus with a pragmatic business approach. Greater Capital has worked with investors, donors, social enterprises, NGOs and philanthropic foundations on social impact issues and has an in depth understanding of impact design specifically monitoring and evaluation plans and systems.

GreaterCapital provides business solutions for social impact. With strategic consulting services spanning the social and economic development spectrum, we work with international agencies, companies and their corporate social investment divisions, civil society organi­sations, asset managers, the public sector and social businesses. Our team has the sector knowledge and expertise to deliver high-impact solutions.

One of the key strengths of African Management Services Company Group (AMSCO) is that we are a Pan-African private sector development group that provides bespoke human capital solutions. Since 1989, AMSCO has been active in over 29 countries across sub-Saharan Africa but has experience in several more with 6 regional offices in Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana and South Africa

We offer a comprehensive integrated service package designed to fulfil the unique needs of businesses on the African continent , Through the following Services offering  include

(1) Development Advisory -We provide  technical project management and project implementation  of development driven- oriented  projects that addresses systemic issues that are hindering the growth and sustainability of development initiatives, SMEs, entrepreneurs, businesses and economic growth. We are implementing programmes in the following Thematic areas:

  • Agriculture, Value Chain, Market Access  and Food security.
  • Climate Change ,Renewable energy and Natural Resource Management.
  • SME /Entrepreneurship Development  for Women and Youth Empowerment.

(2) Training and Development- We specialise in various  Capacity building and Training programmes that include leadership development, finance, strategy, corporate governance, sales team training soft skills and SMEs/Entrepreneur Customised courses. Our programmes are delivered in English, French and Portuguese, they are delivered through a range of training programmes designed for individuals, companies and industries, to accelerate enterprise growth and profitability; as well as skills development impact through the following:

(i) Programmes for Entrepreneurs and SMEs

(a) Action My Business Growth-For Women Entrepreneurs

(b) Improve your Business

(c) Expand Your Business

(d) SME Management Solutions

(ii) Strategic Corporate Governance and Accountability Reloaded (iii) Impact Investing and Measurement Training

(3)  Impact Advisory- We offer Impact Assessment and Impact Investing measurement through  our  subsidiary company Greater Capital. We have over the decades developed a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of communities ,Development partners( Donors, INGOs& NGOs) and civil society organisations, as well as the corporate social investment and finance sectors. This enabled us to merge a sustainable development focus with a pragmatic business approach that aligns  impact of projects and their contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals  Agenda 2030 (SGDs) and National Development Plans(NDPs). Our Impact Advisory packages solutions suite comprises of:

  •  Impact Mapping – helps to understand and position your intervention for the best impact. This consists of due diligence, baseline study, impact study, ecosystem mapping; landscaping and gap analysis, and opportunity identification.
  •  Impact Design -consists of customisation and enhancement your social impact measurement tools and reporting systems. This consists of impact strategy (including Theory of Change), monitoring and evaluation strategy development/review, impact performance tracker systems, and Impact measurement training and capacity building.
  •  Impact Assessments -provides proof of impact and improve programme impact. This consists of evaluations (mid-term, summative), impact assessments and evidence based storytelling.